Tuesday, March 18, 2014

I Forgot About This Blog

I don't mean that I willfully ignored it in favor of completing other, more important tasks. I don't mean that I was feeling uninspired and took a break from posting. I mean I straight up legit forgot this blog existed. It's like this recurring nightmare I have where it's finals week in the spring semester and I have to take a test for a class I'd entirely forgotten to attend.

Just this morning, I had this feeling like there was something I was forgetting to do. I did a mental inventory of everything on my plate. Did I forget to pay a bill? Yes, obviously. Did I forget to email someone back? Without a doubt. Did I forget to empty the dishwasher? Order more diapers from Amazon? File income taxes? Yes. Yes. And yes. All the usual neglect was in order, so what more could it be?

Finally it dawned on me so here I am. Sorry about the break, folks. If it's any consolation, you haven't missed much. There's been little progress on the house since the great bathroom makeover. And god knows I don't go anywhere. But I do miss sharing all my daily nothings with you, so I'll get my act together. I promise.

Happy New Year!