Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Doing It Surprisingly Well: Wall Decals

Hi there. I'm still alive and well and not buried in the mound of cardboard boxes, packing material, and general moving-related debris occupying my dining room. (I guess something has to be the place-holder until we get a table and chairs.)

A thought occurred to me this morning. "Hey, wouldn't it be great to post Before and After pictures of all the rooms in the new house?"

Well... too bad! Because I've already been at work on all of them so now you'll just get a bunch of Half Way and After pictures.

Let me start by showing you how the living room is coming along.

That's 2 gallons of Tea Leaf green paint on the wall there. And one Saturday's worth of effort.

The trees are decals that I ordered online. Decals are my one decorating tip that I can recommend to everyone. Just go to Etsy, search "wall decals," and prepare to be overwhelmed by hundreds of colorful and fabulous choices.

Then all you have to do is stick them on the wall, smooth out the bubbles and bumps and TA DA. Your friends will be very impressed.

And trust me when I say they are easy. Unlike its evil cousin, contact paper, the decal very easily unsticks and resticks while you try to find the perfect placement.

I'll have to post a picture of the living room when it is totally complete. Window treatments are my next project. Here's a tip for those of you who have yet to venture beyond a rental's standard issue vertical blinds: buying curtains and curtain rods adds up to an insane amount of money! I learned that the hard way.


  1. oooh i LOVE those decals, so cute!

  2. Love decals, they're the best.

    That room looks fantastic so far!

  3. Lurker here - I just had to thank you for the Etsy decal link. We are moving into a new home in October and this is going to save my decorating bacon. Much appreciated!

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