Monday, March 29, 2010

One Foot In Front Of The Other

Those of you who've followed me over here from Hollywood Sucker (all 8 of you) might recall that I have an on and off love affair with running. I've always imagined that I am the sort of person who runs great distances with great ease, but my attempts to go from fantasy to reality have always fallen short. A while back I set out to run a half marathon, training with a charity organization to raise money. But long before race day I became irritated with the charity and quit, only to regroup and instead run a 10k a few months later. Unfortunately I didn't keep the momentum going, and by that summer I opted out of the 15k I'd planned to run, instead running the 5k option. Just when I thought I couldn't let myself down any more, I tried to run a 5k again about 5 months later (having failed to exercise in any way for a very long time) and thought I was going to die.

I wondered if perhaps I just wasn't cut out for such a hobby. Yet in spite of my own failures, I'd some how managed to inspire my mother to start running. Now she's running 3 miles a day, as skinny as I've ever seen her, and repeatedly running races --often winning them in her age group.

Her success and energy made me realize I needed to give this dream of mine one more chance. And 2 months after that realization, I actually got started. So I dug up the nike+ for my iPod that Devin bought me, ordered myself a brand new pair of Nikes, and went to Target to stock up on clothes to make me look like a real runner.

Then, because I'm clearly obsessed with Nike, I signed up for a training program through their website. Every week I get a new schedule that tells me how far I have to run on each day, and when I get much appreciated days off.

I started out running 3 miles, then I was up to 4, then 5, and this passed Saturday I ran 6 miles. 6 whole miles! And I have no idea if it's my determination or my fancy new wardrobe, but it isn't even that difficult. And for some crazy reason I actually look forward to waking up at 7 to run 5 miles before going to work.

Now, like anyone who's recently jumped into a new hobby, I'm becoming really annoying. Ask me what I've been up to lately, and I just might tell you. I've been running. Yaddi yadda, yaddi yadda. I can't imagine how fed up my friends are going to get. (Though it can't be as bad as my wedding planning verbal diarrhea.)

I tried to avoid overextending myself when setting new running goals, but I've already outlined a plan to re-try the 15k this summer, then run a half marathon in October, and then by next March, the LA marathon. Yes, I said it. The marathon! Who knows if I'll ever get that far, but I like to think it's possible.

And just for a bonus, I'll include the little Nike avatar I made of myself. I don't know... I just think she's snazzy.


  1. I followed you. I'll keep following.

    And I know it's almost wrong to ask at this point, but please, please, maybe some more Hills recaps? A new perspective from you could only make them better. (Maybe?)

  2. Ok so you are really really into this... Im scared... a 15k is alot for me. And Im worried. My training regiment starts in May which is fine, its like monsoon season here. But its intense... maybe we should chat on the phone to share notes.

  3. Joe - Gah! Are my posts that dull that you are missing Hills recaps? I will consider your suggestion, although I stopped watching the show once Lauren left. (I hate to say it, but she may have been the best one on there.)

    outdoorphins - Well see what happens and then do the 5k if you feel that's better. You get free beer either way!

  4. GO. YOU.

    That's amazing!

    I JUST got into running and so far, really love it. I never thought I'd ever run since I had asthma. But alas, I am!

  5. Rock on, Bri! I understand, I understand completely. Not only is the running itself addictive, but so are all the great new fangled ways to track the running (I'm kind of addicted to gmap pedometer and making sure I get EXACTLY 6 miles, not just 5.9), and so is the awesome endorphin rush after a good distance run! So this means you'll be running the B'maker with team Show Me the Mahoney this summer?!?!

  6. But bri...
    I want to run with you in the boilermaker... you need to be more motivating than ... blaaaaah just run the 5k... booooo!