Monday, July 11, 2011

Being Pregnant Is Weird

Admittedly the Doing Stuff Blog has been a little dismal lately. Avid readers may wonder what's become of the Doing Stuff Club. And why I haven't gone back to further explore the Old Zoo. And you don't even know that I didn't write a post on the return to Tribute Fest. What gives?

Will it impress you at all to say that I'm 14 weeks pregnant? I'd say this is proof that I've been doing something. If ya know what I mean. Wink wink. Nudge nudge.

Now that I'm meandering into my second trimester, things are looking up. I no longer feel like the walking dead, suspicious that someone's swapped my prenatal vitamins for Ambien. And I don't want to barf in your face any more. Not that morning sickness was ever as bad as I feared it would be. I believe everything I see on TV and movies, and what I saw of pregnant ladies is that they uncontrollably projectile vomit. But I'm happy to report that this is not the case. At least it wasn't for me. I was queasy constantly and found everything to be wholly disgusting, but I can live with that.

For those of you keeping score at home, yes I was pregnant while on the trip to Venice, and yes this is likely why I barfed on the plane. And, more importantly, why I couldn't stand the site of any food and why the whole city made my skin crawl. So if anyone had been planning a trip to Italy and my horrid reviews of the place lead you to rearrange your plans, let me assure you that Venice is, in fact, lovely... so long as your future child isn't forming in the depths of your gut, ruining your cheery outlook.

Aside from the physical lameness, being pregnant has been fine. I have a mile long list of things I can't do, eat, or drink, but it's not so bad. I'm rather enjoying the reprieve from drinking and it's been a good excuse for being a lazy homebody. Also, my boobs are bigger, which is fun.

I know some women absolutely love the whole pregnancy experience and gush about it. I don't think I will do this. I hope it isn't misinterpreted as being anything less than thrilled about my impending first born, who I'm sure will be seriously awesome and who I can't wait to meet.

What does all this mean for the blog? Nothing really. Probably just more stuff about babies. Oh, and we have to move AGAIN. The thought makes me want to bang my head against the nearest locker --if only I could find one. And this means undoing all of that work I documented on the blog, like my wall decals and my window treatments , and (heartbreak of all heartbreaks), my weekend bedroom makeover. So stay tuned for moving related posts and of course an adorable nursery decorating extravaganza.

That's all for now!


  1. congrats :)
    can't wait to see nursery ideas since we're also expecting!

  2. That's really awesome. Congratulations!