Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Bandana Bibs

Almost overnight, Oscar Finn became a slobbering, drooling mess.  He soaks through his shirts, drooling all over the front, gnawing on his sleeves.  Then he moves on to my clothes.  At his most recent doctor's appointment, we learned he was a little on the early side with teething, and this was of course the reason for the waterworks.

So to give Oscar something to gum and dribble into, I made him a bandana bib.  It was a pretty easy little project, once I figured out the right measurements (this took several tries).  

For the material, I dug an old bandana out of my drawer.  Then I grabbed one of the many, many fleece receiving blankets from Oscar's room.  We had more of those than we'd ever need, and now that snuggly, spit-absorbent material could finally be put to good use.

I started with a triangle of 11 x 11. 

Then I matched that with a triangle of the fleece blanket, and pinned them together, right side in.

Next, I sewed all around the edges, save for one small opening I'd use to turn it all inside out.

Here it is, all stitched together.

To reinforce everything, and help the material lay flat, I then went around the outside once more. This time, picking a snazzy zig-zag stitch just for effect.

Lastly I attached 2 rectangles of velcro.  As I was doing this, I realized I'd inadvertently made the bib reversible.  Bonus.

And here's the finished product in action.

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