Tuesday, December 3, 2013

The Bathroom Makeover: Part Five (The End)

Okay we've reached the end. Apologies for dragging this out, but really I did it for your own good. If I'd tried to cram this all into one mega post you'd be even more bored than you are now. Could you imagine?

Anyway, after two weeks of ongoing work, performed in a cycle of great energetic spurts followed by a day or two of disinterest, the bathroom was done.

And the bathtub was totally wrecked.

Bleh. It's ok. It came clean eventually after some persistent scrubbing using a toxic concoction of cleaning products, which also did away with a totally unnecessary layer of skin on my hands. Bonus. 

Before I present the final product, one more look at where we began.


And now....

Wait for it....


Let's take a look at some of the finishing touches. 

Remember this rotting shower curtain rod?

Now take a look at my fancy new curved shower curtain rod, which was a pain to install (drywall anchors = evil), but absolutely worth it. Those extra four inches of showering space translate into real luxury. 

The new curtain is actually a repurposed old one I'd been holding onto for a few years, proving once and for all the benefits of hoarding.

I'm very pleased with myself for this new towel ring. The one pictured is actually the second one purchased, as the first installation attempt went catastrophically wrong, though not in a way that makes for an amusing blog anecdote. Just... drywall anchors! But now it's sturdy and shining. Go me.

And remember the big boring wall?

Now, it's outfitted in marvelous art.

All three prints came from the bottomless well of awesome that is Society6. If you haven't heard of the site before, you're welcome. And also, I'm sorry, because now you're going to want all the things.

For whatever it's worth, I installed a new shade over the window.

A glance at the cabinets before and after.

Also, a shout out to my new bathmats.

My masterpiece, the mirror.

And because I was desperate to spray paint something else, I went for the light switch cover.

It's amazing what some paint and new fixtures can do to spruce things up! Actual remodeling will come... someday. But I'm completely satisfied for now.

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