Tuesday, November 26, 2013

The Bathroom Makeover: Part Four

Up until now, everything I've written about took place pretty much in one weekend. A weekend in which we even had time to go to the beach!

Then the work week hit and we fell into a weird lull. Every night I would do a little bit of something, but it never amounted to much. I couldn't find the motivation. I suppose that's what happens when you're working in a household with a second bathroom. You're never all that inconvenienced, even if it is oddly unsettling to use a different shower.

But yeah, there was still some progress. First of all, I painted the ceiling. I didn't take pictures of this because there wasn't much to see. Crisp white paint covering up old white paint. I will say that it was my first time ever painting a ceiling. Have you ever painted a ceiling? It's annoying, right? For one thing, you have to lean back at an angle that hurts your neck and shoulders. For another, the paint is super thick, so you have to press extra hard on the roller, thus exaggerating your neck and shoulder pain. But, at the same time, the thick paint isn't thick enough to prevent massive drippage off the roller and into your eyeballs.

As for choosing the paint color, this was the first time I ever actually purchased and utilized paint samples. Typically I just pick something off the color swatch and hope for the best, with about a 50% success rate.

And while I'll ultimately be glad I took the thorough approach and worked with paint samples, in the short term I was kicking myself. You see, while out picking up the samples on our umpteenth trip to The Home Depot, we were also gathering other supplies for the project. After I grabbed our samples from the paint counter, I wandered absentmindedly over to the shelves looking for spackle while carrying Oscar on my hip. I was half aware that he had gotten ahold of one of the sample jars, but I was busy with the task at hand. As I was saying to Devin, "I'm trying to find that spackle that starts out pink then changes color when it dri---" I felt a sudden burst of coolness on my leg. I looked down and spent what felt like ten minutes processing what I was seeing.

The paint was everywhere. Well, not so much on Oscar, which I find a bit suspect, but all over me. And the floor. I shot Devin a panicked look and asked, "What do I do?" Within seconds, a kind and very forgiving employee came over with paper towels and set to work cleaning it up. I kept jumping in to help him, believing his, "It's okay, I got it," was far too generous and maybe insincere. I think actually he really did want me to leave. Eventually I relented and we slinked out of the aisle and, subsequently, out of the store. I wanted to take a picture of the whole grisly scene, but Devin was barely holding it together and I was afraid if he caught me taking out my iPhone to document it, he'd about lose his dang mind.

Anyhoo, there was enough paint left in the jar to paint a swatch on the wall, alongside two other contenders. I also added a splash of the cabinet's paint, which was supposed to help guide our decision, but instead gave a fecal effect to the whole ensemble.

And also, I'm not sure what's the matter with the paint on the left there. We didn't end up picking it, but not because it was drippy. The one in the middle also did not get picked and that was the one involved with The Home Depot fiasco. All that ruined wardrobe for nothing.

That means the winner is, paint #3!

Okay, thanks for hanging in there, folks. Almost done... stick with us for the next thrilling installment.

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