Thursday, November 14, 2013

The Bathroom Makeover: Part One

With all of the terribly urgent home repair projects out of the way, we've officially completed Phase 1. Now we're sitting restlessly in Phase 2, which will go on for however long it takes for us to hire a contractor to do something major, thus ushering in Phase 3. Until then, we'll be doing anything we're capable of doing ourselves.

Putting all of my Modern Lodge aspirations aside for the moment, I focused my energy on this hot mess of a bathroom.   

Here's a closer look at what we're working with. 

There's certainly something circus-like about it. I believe it's largely owing to the unique tiles around the mirror.

From what I can deduce, this was, at one point, your average medicine cabinet. Then, someone (presumably our immediate predecessor) decided to slather it in tomato soup colored grout and adorn it with plastic tiles following no descernable color palatte.

The funny thing is, this almost seems like the kind of misguided project I would do myself and then immediately regret. But I'd forgive myself. It's a lot harder to take when it's inherited.

Oh, and then, as a bonus, these 3 tiles glued to the wall to the right of the mirror.

 Adding to this vomitous array of color and design, there are the cabinets.

I've never been completely sure if they're coated in varnish that had aged and oranged, or just a thin coating of orange paint. 

Either way, they have no business being matched with these handles.

So once you get over this initial shock, as I have, you can focus your attention on smaller details. Like this grotty shower curtain rod.

Or this towel hook surrounded by nothingness on a slimy french vanilla wall.

That hook is situated so low on the wall that any robe, towel or clothing item hangs half-rumpled on the floor.

Speaking of the floor, it's the only part I don't hate. Which is good, because I can't change it right now.

To clarify the parameters of this makeover project (and I'm using the term makeover because renovation or remodel implies structural change), here's what's up for grabs:

- Any painted surface - walls, ceiling, cabinets
- Knobs and handles
- Any fixtures - hooks, rods, racks
- Window treatments
- Rugs, accessories, decor

And what has to stay:

- The whole sink, countertop, and cabinetry area
- The shower and its tiles
- The medicine cabinet because I don't trust myself to tear it out and replace it
- The floor

At the start of this project the only work I'd done on the whole room was replacing the toilet seat because the original one was busted and falling off. Incidentally, if you're looking for a project to do that makes you feel accomplished but is really simple, try swapping out your toilet seat. Your friends won't be impressed, but you'll sleep well that night.
Stay tuned for the rest of the series...

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